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In order to save money upfront when purchasing a vehicle and have the advantage of lower insurance premiums, many drivers have turned to used vehicles for their needs. While the marketplace has no shortage of used vehicles that are available, Buick stands out for its many advantages. Combining the excellent dependability of Chevy with the luxurious attributes of Cadillac, Buick is a cornerstone of the GM family and a brand that has a lot to offer when it comes to its used fleet.

Because Buford holds values such as honesty and integrity near and dear, it takes a special kind of dealership to satisfy local drivers. However, at Jim Ellis Buick GMC Mall of Georgia, we go out of our way to put you first. We’re a modern dealership that believes in the values and standards that Buick established during its formative years. If you’re in the market for a new vehicle and are curious if there’s a used Buick dealer in Buford, GA, that embraces the same principles that you do, look no further!

A red 2019 Buick LaCrosse is shown from a rear angle after leaving a used Buick dealer in Buford, GA.

Buick: A Brand Above the Rest

Established in 1897, Buick is the oldest American automobile manufacturer still in business today. In fact, Buick was the foundation for the modern GM family of brands, predating Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC and blending the best aspects of all three. The Buick brand is known for providing the accessibility commonly associated with Chevrolet and the reliability of GMC, yet boasts the same type of luxury that one might expect to find while sitting behind the wheel of a Cadillac.

Like many other brands in the first half of the 20th century, Buick made its name as a motor manufacturer, developing the first overhead valve design. During the World Wars, Buick repurposed its production lines to aid the Allied war effort, producing bomber engines and tank destroyers. Following the post-war economic boom, Buick made a considerable effort to adapt to a battle of a different type as drivers raced muscle cars across the streets from coast to coast. Models such as the Skylark and Riviera boosted performance and competed against stalwarts such as the Mustang, Camaro, Barracuda, and Challenger.

As high performance slowly phased out of popularity in the 1970s, Buick once again adapted to drivers' ever-evolving needs. The 1980s, in particular, saw the brand focus on luxury with vehicles such as the Park Avenue and LeSabre. This brings us to the Buick of the modern day and age. As the SUV has gained more popularity in recent years, Buick followed the trend and now builds a lineup of luxurious SUV models. While the vehicles that Buick manufactures have changed considerably over the years, the brand's dedication to producing an exceptional fleet has remained unchanged.

A black 2017 Buick Encore is shown speeding on a city street next to a row of buildings.

You Can Expect More from the Buick Fleet

If there’s one observation that can be made about Buick, it’s this––there’s always more to expect. The brand's current SUV-exclusive lineup provides drivers with unsurpassed quality at a competitive price. Offering performance, practicality, and luxury in a single package, Buick allows drivers to live in the lap of luxury for a noticeably lower price than some of its competitors from across the Atlantic. Three of the most popular models in the current Buick lineup are the subcompact Encore GX, compact Envision, and three-row Enclave. All of these models are easy to find used here at Jim Ellis Buick GMC Mall of Georgia.

Buick Encore GX

While it might be the smallest offering from the Buick fleet, the Encore GX offers you everything you need at a significantly lower price than its competitors. Introduced in 2020, the Encore GX has a stylish interior that provides Buford drivers with a sophisticated commute, and its consistent five-star safety ratings from the NHTSA make it ideal for the city-dwelling family. Finding a used Encore GX is one of the best investments a modern family could make.

Buick Envision

Slightly larger than the Encore GX, the Buick Envision is a masterclass in giving customers a lot more than they expected for the price tag. The Envision packs quite a bit of “get up and go” for those who favor some pep in their drive. If the sleek exterior catches your eye and makes you notice, sitting behind the wheel will completely take your breath away. In production since 2016, a used Envision will provide you everything you might expect from Audi, Lexus, or Acura; only its badge proudly proclaims it’s a Buick.

Buick Enclave

The modern SUV market is filled with compact and subcompact options. However, a need still exists for three rows of seating and larger engines that allow for towing. What happens when this concept meets the luxury-minded Buick brand? Well, you get the Buick Enclave. Introduced in 2008, the Enclave is a three-row SUV powered by a standard V6 engine. If you’re someone who expects performance and luxury to share the same platform, that is exactly what you’ll receive with the used Buick Enclave.

A silver 2019 Buick Envision is shown parked in an empty lot next to hedges.

Why Buford Drivers Turn to Jim Ellis Buick GMC Mall of Georgia

For the many residents who call Buford, GA, home, a used Buick can be the key to enjoying everything this part of the state has to offer. Buford is a unique area that encapsulates the very best of both worlds. Unlike many cities in the United States, it boasts modern conveniences and luxuries while retaining the small-town attributes of living in the South. For Buford residents looking for a reliable method of transportation, a used Buick has what it takes, and we can't wait to help you find the right model here at our Buick dealership.

The residents of Buford know a good thing when they see it. They want only the best, and that is why so many of them turn to Jim Ellis Buick GMC Mall of Georgia for their used Buicks and everything else they need. Shopping with us provides the residents of Buford with high-quality used vehicles and complete transparency. For instance, we provide a complimentary CARFAX report detailing the complete history of any used car you’re considering. We also provide instant cash offers and trade-in values online with the help of Kelley Blue Book and CARFAX. We’ll make you a competitive offer that allows you to drive home in a used Buick with all of the trimmings. We strive to help the residents of Buford shop with confidence.


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